6 Websites with Good Button Design and Layout

Websites with good button design and layout understand how vital well-designed elements help their website perform. 

Brands are always looking for new ideas that can inspire and excite their readers. The best websites provide various images, graphics, buttons, and site layouts to help the reader understand their content.

Fifty-seven percent of internet users say they never recommend a brand that has a poorly designed website. This case is especially true if it is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices. For that reason, you need to ensure that your website button design does not confuse users.

Below are six websites with great user interface (UI) button design and layout elements. Use these sites as an example of good button design elements you should be using on your website.  

What Makes a Good Website Button Design? 

What are the qualities of a good website button design? A great site should optimize its buttons for usability and accessibility. The size, shape, color, and text in your web page's "submit" or "buy now" buttons can make all the difference when it comes to conversion rates. 

You want users to be able to tap with ease. 

Consider whether there will be enough contrast between colors. That way, people have an easy time seeing the buttons in contrast with the background while surfing your site. 

Three primary design elements you must consider when developing website buttons:

  • Format consistency: Button design should be consistent throughout your entire site. Even if they do not share the exact format, they need to remain similar. 
  • Positioning: Placing buttons in the proper sequence is essential. As the user moves down the page, position each one in a sensical pattern, like 1, 2, 3…
  • Button order: This design element means that “yes” should be before “no” and “send” comes before “end.” Users find this to be more visually correct.

It is essential to create buttons that stand out but still look professional and simple. Create an eye-catching scheme that will appeal to customers visually, without being too flashy or overwhelming. 

6 Websites with the Ultimate Button Design and Layout Elements  

By adding various types and styles of buttons, you will improve not only how users interact with your site but also help them navigate through it more easily. Do not hesitate to look to these six sites as inspiration for what kind of style might be right for your brand. 

1. Gucci Beauty Foundation   

Gucci Beauty Foundation has a website that is intuitive, interactive, and easy to use and understand. They provide an exceptional user experience (UX) with a UI button design unmatched by any site, including their competitors. Their site's content is clear, concise, and lets users know exactly how to navigate their web pages.  

2. Avoriaz 1800   

On Avoriaz 1800, their Visite Virtuelle website is the second on this list. Their site is one of the most intuitive and interactive sites available, much like Gucci's site.

Graphics and images are visually appealing yet do not take away from the overall message of the content. It is an excellent example of good button design and other strong layout elements.  

3. Brian Did It   

Brian Did It is another excellent example of what a website should look like and how to use buttons for content navigation. The simplicity does not take away from what this brand does for its clients. The typography, logo, and content are modest yet functional.

4. Qideas

From its menu icon to its scrolling animation, Qideas' website utilizes a unique button design that navigates throughout the rest of the site with ease. Users know who they are, what they do, and how to engage with the brand within a few seconds of loading the page. These design elements are why it ranks as the 113th most popular website out of the nearly 2 billion active websites worldwide.  

5. 2Creative.Se

2Creative is a Swedish website for a web agency located in Gothenburg. It is no surprise that a progressive site like theirs was created for a web design firm.

With the left-facing navigation bar, clearly defined sections, and good button design and layout, this site is hands-down the most well-designed site overall on this list.

6. Design Council

Design Council is the perfect example of a website with a vast amount of content displayed in a way that makes navigating more natural than most other sites. 

Every icon is clearly displayed. Every button has a clear pathway. Pertinent information is above the fold, and each call-to-action provides necessary information with actionable solutions. All of this makes this site a perfect example of why it made the list.

Website Button Trends You Need to Know About  

 Designing a great button is an art. Like any artist, you need to make buttons work well and be easy for the user to interact with. If your buttons are too small or hard to find on the page, then they're not going to get used much. 

Make sure that each one has its own space, so users know where they go when clicked. Other trends you need to know about button design include:

  • Button simplicity: Avoid overly complex designs that distract users.
  • Creative contrast: Buttons need to be identifiable and stand out.  
  • Use of specific colors: Bright colors draw attention and encourage action.
  • Subtle animation: Hover animation is a cue for users to click. And it works!
  • Size matters: Make them large enough to tap (about the size of a human thumb).

Well-Designed Buttons, Webpages, and Other Sites Elements Made Easy with Jax Digital  

Websites with good button design and layout understand that these elements help their website get more page views. Websites that neglect to design quality buttons are at a significant disadvantage. They may not stand out as much among many competitors on search engine results pages (SERP), which leads visitors away from them.

Jax Digital is here to create a well-designed website for your company. We develop sites that perform the way you want and need for the success of your brand.  

Your UI button design is impacting how your website performs. Contact us here at Jax Digital to see how your buttons are influencing your site’s metrics.  

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