A Beginner's Guide to Consistency in Web Design

Web design is a tricky feat, and there are many rules to follow. One of the first things that designers learn is the importance of consistency in web design.

Designing a website with consistent design can be difficult, but following these steps will help you get there.

In this post, you will look at some of the best practices for obtaining consistency in web design. First, let's review what consistency in design is and why it is essential for your brand.  

What is Consistency in Design? 

Design consistency is the act of keeping all repeating components on your website looking and functioning similarly. This concept means that buttons, icons, and other elements are kept consistent throughout each page to avoid confusion for visitors going from one section to another.

The three main types of consistency include: 

  • Visual consistency: Design elements that are uniform in appearance.
  • Functional consistency: Components of the website that function similarly or identically with the other functional elements. 
  • Internal consistency: Site details that incorporate both elements of visual and functional consistency for current and future content added.  

Why is it Important for a Website to be Consistent?

Design consistency is essential in the world of usability. It promotes good navigational habits. When there are consistent design elements, it creates a positive user experience (UX) as visitors navigate your website seamlessly and intuitively. Designing a poor experience with inconsistency will frustrate anyone who uses your site.

Simplicity in Web Design    

Websites are notoriously difficult to design because they have so many different factors that need consideration. One key aspect of web design is simplicity, which is achieved by limiting colors and using fonts with a serif style, or sans-serif for the most readability. 

Websites should also keep their layout simple to avoid confusion on how content flows from page to page along navigation bars at the top or bottom of pages. This concept means avoiding scrolling horizontally across site sections. If this horizontal movement needs to happen, then it is best done through dropdown menus.  

Accuracy in Web Design    

Websites are one of the most valuable pieces of marketing for any business. It's essential to have accurate information that reflects your company well and is search engine friendly, so people can find you on Google or Bing. 

Along with accuracy, you want your web design to be relevant to your brand. By attracting your target audience with relevant content, you ensure that you convey accurate details about your products or services.   

Why Consistency in Web Design Principles Matter to Your Brand  

More than 60% of web designers say they update their clients' websites once a month on average. Consistency in a website's design can take a 10-hour update project and cut that time in half.

For that reason, if you outsource your web design to a professional, you save your company money. If you are doing your own web design, consistency will save you precious time that you need to run the rest of your business.

Ways to Remain Consistent in Your Web Design

To remain consistent in your web design, it is essential that you know more about the basics. Also, you want to keep an eye out for what other designers are doing. 

For example, do not forget fundamental elements such as headings or navigation. These help readers quickly scan content, which can be extremely helpful when they need to skim through pages of information.

Furthermore, you want to make sure your web design is staying consistent across all platforms. Here are a few ways you can do this:

1. Color Scheme  

Choose one color palette and stick with it throughout the site, both in text and graphics. A good tool for doing this would be Adobe Color CC, which gives you an easy way of creating palettes based on different colors. 

This design element will help keep each page looking cohesive without having anything too jarring that might distract from reading content. It also makes pages easier to navigate, since users won't have trouble figuring out what section they are currently viewing.

2. Font Usage  

There are a few ways to remain consistent in your web design when it comes to using fonts. First, you should use the same fonts throughout an entire site and ensure that all text is readable on any screen size or device. Keep in mind that you should never use more than two or three font styles in total on your website. 

Second, you may want to experiment with different styles for headlines, such as sans serif versus script (which we find better suited for specific purposes). Remember, consistency does not have to mean everything must look identical.

3. Navigation Style   

You may have seen some of the most popular websites like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They all share one thing in common – they are consistent with their navigation style. You will see this consistency across every page on these sites. This design element is because it is a vital part of web design that makes them so user-friendly.  

Here is how you can be just as successful at keeping your website looking beautiful from start to finish – by being persistent with your navigation theme. 

For web designers or company owners who want an aesthetically pleasing webpage, it is critical to stay true to what works best. By using the same type of navigational layout throughout each site, you create a positive UX.

Jax Digital will Ensure the Consistency in the UI Design of Your Site  

In the age of high-tech, digital marketing has become an increasingly popular way for small businesses to gain more exposure and increase their customer base.

However, if your web design is not consistent, your website could be doing your brand more harm than good. Jax Digital offers you the best in service by ensuring that your website design aligns with current best practices. Just let us handle it!

Does your website follow the web design principles of consistency? If you are unsure, contact us here at Jax Digital and let our skilled professionals assess your website’s performance.

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