The 21 Do's and Don'ts of Web Design

Great websites are like great pieces of art. They need time, and also require special attention to detail at every stage for success. 

If you are launching or relaunching a website, these top 21 do's and don'ts of web design will help you decide how to move forward with developing your website. 

What is Good Web Design and What Should Web Designers Avoid: The Do’s and Don’ts 

A website can be a powerful tool for reaching customers and potential clients. However, it is essential to ensure you follow best practices if you want your site to reach its full potential. Here are some do's and don'ts of web design that every business should keep in mind:  

Do Be Consistent

Your website user interface (UI) should be consistent throughout the site. Consistency can make your visitors feel a sense of comfort and familiarity as they navigate through your pages. This element will keep them on the page longer. 

Do Create a UI That is Easy to Navigate

Navigation helps people find what they are looking for on your site. It makes this process easier by providing intuitive links that allow users to access your site pages. Navigation should not distract from content-driven pages like blogs or information sites.  

Do Generate Scannable Content

Over 73% of internet users skim over the content. For that reason, you need to make sure that your website is scannable. This principle includes both content and design elements.

Do Respect the Power of Content

Content is king. When designing a website, it is essential to keep in mind that flashy features and visual noise are not as useful for users as your message. So, take content on your site seriously. More than 95% of content is the written word.

Do Monitor Your Website for Mistakes

Dead links, typos, and improper formatting are mistakes that can be made and are common. These errors will taint any great work with the harsh reality of a small error. 

Do Limit the Users’ Choices

The paradox of choice is a principle that experienced web designers are very familiar with and consider whenever they develop a website. People are less likely to be satisfied with their selection if given too many choices. Limit the options users have on your site.

Do Ensure Mobile Device Compatibility

Consumers connect with brands across many platforms and on multiple devices. Therefore, you must ensure that your content and design elements are easy to view, no matter what device they are using.

Do Test Your Design Elements

Test how users receive your website by obtaining feedback. There may be an element on your website that you personally love. However, if most visitors don't feel the same, it may cause them to abandon your site for other content.

Do Keep Things Simple

Simplicity is essential in web design. Complex designs are not considered attractive, and users will abandon visually abrasive sites for simple, concise content.

Do Use Basic SEO Principles

When creating content on your pages, use basic SEO principles like using keywords with high search volume or phrases related to the topic. This tactic will help ensure your content reaches its target audience. 

Do Publish Relevant Brand Information

Relevant content is essential in any marketing strategy. Yet, in web design, it is even more vital. It is crucial for ranking purposes and to ensure that you are getting the correct traffic to your site.

Don’t Allow Site Visitors to Wait for Content

The speed of your site is more important than anything else. You have approximately 5 seconds to attract your audience and keep them engaged on your site. Your web design should capture their attention in a way that keeps them surfing your site.

Don’t Let Internal Links Open in a New Tab

If you design internal links to open in a new tab, you direct users away from your page. Not allowing them to use the back button to return to the content they were viewing frustrates users. 

Don’t Use Too Many Different Fonts

If you use too many font types in your web design, you risk upsetting users who may choose not to return to your site in the future. It may be tempting to use several fonts. Don’t. Use two or three fonts, tops.

Don’t Overuse the Color Wheel

Too much color creates visual noise that causes customers to choose a competitor's site that is more aesthetically pleasing. Also, choose colors that help define your brand.

Don’t Use Generic Images or Stock Photos

Stock images are acceptable for blogs and email campaigns. When designing your website, however, do not use stock photos. If you have staff photos, use them. You should have professional photos taken of yourself and your staff if you plan to post them.

Don’t Allow Ads to Distract from Your Content

People dislike pop-ups. Don't allow ads to pop up on your site that blocks the content visitors are there to read. Invasive ads distract and frustrate users.

Don’t Autoplay Audio Files

A dynamic user experience with interactive elements such as animation or video keeps people engaged. However, it is distracting when audio files suddenly begin playing without warning. 

Don’t Disrupt the Scroll Direction

Users are used to scrolling down a page to view content. Don't use horizontal navigation when it comes the scrolling. This provides the uniformity that most users demand.

Don’t Overuse Keywords

This practice is known as keyword stuffing. Google penalizes websites heavily for engaging in this activity, thanks to their algorithm updates.

Don’t Place Important Content at the Bottom of the Page

Not everyone scrolls to the bottom of a website page. Therefore, you don't want to place any crucial information at the bottom of the website. 

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