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Campaign Summary

TXG Automotive is a new car dealership. From humble beginnings in Hartford, South Dakota, the business faced challenges as not only a new dealership, but starting in a small town then moving to Sioux Falls. There was unclear branding in the beginning - TXG, also known as The Xenial Group, had to stick with one name variation. We focused on clear branding and changing instances of The Xenial Group for a better, more memorable brand. With a lack of brand awareness and local presence, we focused on targeting keywords for a stronger local presence. TXG began to rank higher on local maps not long after their move to Sioux Falls. 

Ranking Distributions

Further building on local presence, we pushed for local business directories & listings as well as keeping any instances of brand appearance online up to date. We targeted local niche & industry events for more presence and awareness with the general public and target audience. A blog was built for TXG focusing on keyword-rich content and long-tail keywords/topics that they wanted to rank for, specifically locally. A lack of general awareness is being combated by clear branding, strong social media presence and interaction, a push for local awareness and listings, as well as keyword targeting and diving into SEO.

Problems & Solutions

Location Change

  • Problem: TXG Automotive was a new car dealership starting in Hartford, South Dakota. They lacked brand awareness outside of Sioux Falls, and struggled to make a name for themselves. TXG made the move to Sioux Falls at the beginning of 2021, and has struggled with local awareness because of the location identity and not starting off in Sioux Falls.
  • Solution: We focused on local marketing pushing the brand as a Sioux Falls dealership. There were social media announcements of the move as well as signage in a prime location that can be seen from the interstate. We are focusing on making sure all instances of the previous location in Hartford are removed & all online presence is being kept up to date. We are pushing the new website & location as Google continues to index the new pages to keep up with the move.

New Business

  • Problem: TXG Automotive is less than 2 years old - meaning the business is still building a local rapport and getting the name out to the public. Starting off in Hartford didn’t help local brand awareness as the target & best location is Sioux Falls, to which they just moved.
  • Solution: We are focusing on marketing and improving SEO with keyword-rich content to help them rank locally as well as a strong social media presence & interacting with the general public. We are working on accumulating Google Reviews and so far have had great word-of-mouth as well.

Low Page Authority

  • Problem: TXG has a lack of backlinks, hindering their domain authority and losing opportunities for brand awareness on other sites.
  • Solution: Talk with local businesses that TXG has built a relationship with as well as focusing on local directories such as news sites, the local Chamber, Yellow Pages, and the Local Best.

No Local Presence

  • Problem: TXG lacked local awareness from the general public as a new business and moving into Sioux Falls from out of town.
  • Solution: Interact with local businesses and events, target local keywords and map rankings, focus on local SEO

Brand Identity

  • Problem: TXG Automotive - which stands for The Xenial Group - started off as a new business with both instances of their name variation being used. Because of this, customers would get confused and they were not memorable.
  • Solution: Create clear branding as TXG Automotive and drop the Xenial Group, as well as changing instances of The Xenial Group appearing wherever the brand was present online.
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