Local Website & SEO Case Study


Strategy Review

Understanding what was working and where we could optimize their current digital presence


Gathered usual customer search terms


Researched current links leading to erroneous information


Competitor research


Established baseline of customer actions for the company

Search trend results between Nov. 2019 - March 2020 show search result views in mobile and local traffic peaking around 1,000 with an average of approximately 500.


2 Months of Website & Local Optimization

The new website is launched with a focus on the most common search queries important to their customers alongside additional local SEO optimization strategies and proper monitoring and reporting.


Optimized website for on page SEO


Ongoing off page SEO


Optimized GMB Listings

A steady increase in growth of traffic to the website, direction requests, and phone calls within the first 2 months of optimizations.


Local Results

With local businesses proximity is everything in results so we closely monitor the growth of ranking results for key search terms over a geographical area.

Rankings grew rapidly in positioning as well as geographic scope with both on page and off page techniques and ongoing adjustments and optimizations.


The Big Picture

Year growth comparison of baseline trends show 2-3X average views on maps and search volume resulting in increased website traffic, phone calls, and direction requests.

Search view volumes compared over a 12 month period with 100 days of SEO optimizations.

Increased phone calls and driving direction requests from easier to find listings.

The largest areas of listing increases were indirect queries unreleated to the brand itself, search terms such as "restaurant near me"