Local restaurant increases direction requests by 64%


Website Visits


Phone Calls


Direction Requests
map and search listings graph
3X Growth in overall visibility for listings on map and search results

Most of these new views were from unbranded or indirect queries. A huge opportunity for growth to attract customers unfamiliar with their brand already. An unbranded or indirect search query is when you enter a search query that is not related to any known company but instead, search for a service they offer. For example searching "restaurants in sioux falls" instead of searching for the well known "perkins restaurant"

indirect queries graph for seo
Growth of indirect queries over a 5 month campaign

Watch as this local restaurant's visibility in local rankings increases for core keywords in Google. This increased their visibility and made it easier for potential customers to find them across the web, including in search engines.

We leveraged our expertise in SEO marketing through organic optimization that allowed us to rank higher than current competitors

Graph showing local rankings by location for core keywords

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